Get Smart – Part 1

Looking for triggers. Those who struggle with porn are often triggered to use it in several different ways, taking them back to a struggle they desperately want to get away from. Can you identify any specific triggers in these categories:

  • Emotional States
  • People
  • Places
  • Times of Day
  • Thoughts
  • Images

Listening for voices. What does your struggle say to you…

When you are tempted to look at porn again?

Immediately after you have gone back to it again?

When things are going well in your life?

Seek out patterns. If you’ve ever tried to quit before…

What’s the longest season of recovery that you’ve ever had?

What healthy and unhealthy factors were a part of your life in that season?

What brought you back to the struggle?

Before moving on…


Many people make it through the Get Away section only to return to their struggle once motivation wanes. The detailed work of this section get you closer to freedom like none other. This is the insight that all the other steps will build on. Nothing works beyond this point without solid insight from this page.

Did you take them time to honestly answer the questions above?